Week 6 Supercontest Pick Review

by thesanction1

Let me tell you the twisted story of last week.

It was the first week I went with identical cards, both chosen exclusively by the Machine. Naturally I was concerned – both of my LVH Supercontest cards are in striking distance of the leader and if they both took a big hit, I could fall dramatically in the rankings. It was also the first week of a switch in methodology, from updating the lines on Thursday mornings and picking the weekend games prior to the Thursday night game, to updating on Friday morning to get the latest possible line and injury information. Of course this change seems simple and obviously beneficial – but whenever something is working as the Machine has been so far this year, I’m hesitant to rock the boat.

All this was the backdrop to the picks I released Friday.

How did the weekend work out?

1) Both my cards went 4 wins and 1 loss, shooting me into multi-way ties for 43rd and 205th respectively on TheSanction and TheRotoquant.

2) The Machine had it’s first losing week going 7-8 overall.

… Huh?! I’m no rocket scientist (switched from aerospace engineering to physics as an undergrad) but that seems unlikely…

I’ve never seen such a polarized set of games. Behold the week 6 results:


The LVH Supercontests cards currently stand as follows:

TheSanction (tied for 43rd out of 1400): 20 wins, 10 losses

Rotoquant (tied for 205th out of 1400): 18 wins, 12 losses

Feeling good about both cards. As an aside – the current leader went 5-0 with an amazing record of 26 and 4 (86.7% against the spread!). It just goes to show that to win this contest you need to be really, really good over the course of the entire season.

I’ll put up the week 7 picks on Friday, and will be Tweeting out the Thursday night pick from @TheRotoquant. Payouts on Victiv just keep growing, and if you haven’t signed up yet you just keep missing out – week 7 we are running an whopping $45,000 in guaranteed and free payouts, if you don’t get some of that cash you can’t blame me.  Seriously – if you like fantasy sports, and you like money, you should really just sign up and give it a shot.

Lastly – to help you grab all that money I’ve re-updated the NFL MegaTool (now on version 4.0!) to include injury information. This stand-alone application lets you analyze everything all the relevant fantasy stats including targets, participation, yards, td’s, strength of schedule, fantasy production and strength of schedule adjusted fantasy production, next week’s matchup strength and more through an easy to use interface. It’ll even let you make tailored projections where you can adjust how much you consider the matchup in the calculation, and whether or not you normalize athlete performance for historical strength of schedule vs that position. Download the tool here, and make your winning lineups at www.victiv.com today.

Good luck in all your contests – talk to you later in the week,