Week 6 Picks from the Machine!

by thesanction1

Last week was decent – outside of the confusion of doing late-breaking updated picks. The Machine went 8-7 ATS, and above the 3.0 threshold it went 6 and 4. Supercontest cards went 4-1 and 3-2, moving them into many-way ties for 128th and 423rd out of 1400 respectively. Both cards are still in striking distance of the leader and there’s a lot of football left to be played.  As an aside – my dearest mother, knowing the emphasis I’d be putting on picking the NFL contests this year, entered a nation-wide contest that picks every game each week without the spread. She’s used the Machine’s picks to determine when to take an underdog and currently ranks 45th out of 170,000 entries. That’s right… My mom is out-picking you all. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Without any further fanfare – here are last week’s results:


And here are the Machine’s picks for week 6:



Plenty of big factors in play this week – hoping for a big week on my Supercontest entries. My picks will be as follows:

TheSanction – BAL, CLE, DAL, SF, ATL

Rotoquant – BAL, CLE, DAL,  SF, ATL

That’s right – for the first time this season I’m not varying my two cards. Up to this point I’d been using 100% pure Machine picks for TheSanction’s card, and taking the Machine + personal preference into consideration when making picks for my Rototquant card… So it’s no surprise that TheSanction stands at 16-9 while Rotoquant is lagging at 14-11 on the season. It’s going to be double the pressure this weekend with both cards stacked up – here’s hoping for the best!

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Good luck in all your contests this week.