Week 5 Picks from the Machine – UPDATED!

by thesanction1

Sorry for the late notice, but I decided I should re-run the algorithms closer to Sunday to see if the predictions changed once the most up to date injury/weather information became available. In backtesting the data is frozen in the state it was in *as of kickoff* – obviously I can’t run the Machine in that state, but the closer to Sunday I can get the better. The last day I can enter my LVH Contest picks through my proxy is Friday morning – so from now on that’s when I’ll run the algo. I will not include the Thursday night game in interpreting backtesting results.

Alright, getting these out quickly as certain games have changed, most notably the ARI v DEN game, which now has ARI as a high-confidence pick. Unfortunately I’ve got DEN on my LVH card… Next week will be much more organized with only one set of picks coming on Friday morning.

Week 5 picks from the Machine:



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