Free Money and the $5,000 Beta Social Freeroll

by thesanction1

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years, it’s that I really like free money. It’s so much better than other free things – like the tiny free waters they give out at fast food joints, or the complimentary black-and-green peppermints that restaurants who are too cheap to have Andes mints put out.  Free money is so flexible; literally anything that can be bought can be bought with free money.

So it’s with great pleasure that announces its $5,000 Social Freeroll tournament to thank our beta testers for their valuable input during the preseason. This contest is free to enter and needs at least 500 participants to run. The payout structure is:

Place Payout
1 $500
2 $250
3 $150
4 $100
5-10 $50
11-100 $20
101-200 $10
201-300 $5
301-500+ $2

Just to be absolutely clear – this is a contest in which you literally cannot lose. If it hits 500 users, it runs, and everyone wins. This free-cash bonanza is meant to reward all the users who grinded with us throughout the preseason during our beta period, testing the product and giving us feedback, and incentivize anyone who hasn’t checked out the site to come aboard before the start of the regular season. You can find a list of the key features here, and with all the consolidation going on in the DFS industry we couldn’t be more excited to offer daily fantasy sports participants a new, better way to play.

The only risk to you is that if the contest doesn’t get to 500 entries it doesn’t run. Be sure to do your part to earn free money for everyone and sign up at Share it, retweet it, make a video of you dumping a bucket of money on your head to raise awareness, whatever. Let’s get this thing filled.

That’s all for now. Later today I’ll post my 2013 backtesting results picking games against the spread as we head into this year’s LVH Super Contest. I’ve got two entries in the 2014 contest and plan on detailing my weekly progress right here for you to follow along.