Picks for The Masters

by thesanction1

Here we are – the biggest tournament of the golf year so far… and here I am – absolutely no time to work on this except for hitting the requisite buttons to perform the analysis. The numbers are sound, last week was solid, but I don’t have a second to spare to make this post any more elaborate than a stupid intro paragraph and the picks. If you want more in-depth analysis about the field, the story lines, the course, etc., use your Googler.

I figure you all just want the damn projections anyway (bastards!). So here they are…

Projections for The Masters



Notes: the cut line is at 60 + ties. Don’t trust Bernhard Langar – his projection is obviously a data issue. There are lots of data issues that can get you – so please do your own research to supplement these projections when making your rosters… and god speed ladies and gentlemen.

Hopefully next week we can have something more in-depth. I’ll say anecdotally that Notorious and the Machine both did quite well – it showed in all around low RMSE’s and an optimal blending alpha of .3, which is the highest it’s ever been, but the improvement achieved by that blending was minimal – meaning both sets of projections were near the minimum in their own right… Ok, that’s two more paragraphs (and an extra note) than I had time for. Good luck!