Week 13: QB Projections

by thesanction1

I think we’ve seen the first case of algorithmic insanity. Earlier in the week I had the QB projections prepared using non-linear methods only; they were too insane to be correct.  I tried going to the less opaque linear techniques; they were even worse.  Carson Palmer the highest projected QB?  Peyton Manning and Tom Brady ranked 22nd and 21st!? Cam Newton 25th?

While I’ll admit that these projections all seem pretty insane, I’ll point out that if the machine has anything to offer to the daily fantasy sports participant it may just be weeks like this. These projections have GPP written all over them.

Here are the QB projections, compared against CBS Sports projections and the ESPN rankings… God help us all if they come true.


Good luck in this week’s contests everyone – week 13 game picks can be found here.